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    Death on Delivery


A bit of snark, a lot of humor, and a little spice!

It's not your momma's cozy - it's all grown up and a bit deranged!


Death on Delivery Series
In Order:

BOOK 1     -    Book Em, Danno

BOOK 2     -    Trunk of Treat

BOOK 3     -    Factor A Death

BOOK 4     -    Jingle Hell

BOOK 5     -    Cross Country Kill



Luna Thorn and Cassandra Danno are two middle-aged witches reinventing themselves.  A series of unfortunate events has the ladies looking to make a profit and provide for their rather large and wacky combined families.

With a cargo van on hand and a love for the open highway, the two mischievous magical friends take to the OTR lifestyle and expedited shipping like seasoned pros: Cassie books loads while Luna drives! But there seems to be a glitch in their money-making endeavor. Wherever they go, bodies seem to show up making for some hysterical times as they try to employ their special magic to get out of toxic situations.

Its Death on Delivery for these two witches and their trusty sidekick Gus - a gargoyle with a big personality who loves kids (we're not sure if he likes to play with them, or that means he prefers to eat them)!

Find out in Book One coming soon!



Luna and Cassie have a deadline; they need to be home before Halloween...only death seems to follow the two wherever they go!

With their family & friends depending on them to be home in time for a Halloween blockbuster party, Luna and Cassie are in a time crunch. Fresh off one expedited delivery, the ladies have one last Salem, MA, witch hot spot of the USA. Trying to cut corners, and the possibility that a long walk might damage their aging knees, the ladies head down a local cemetery road, putting them at the back door of their drop point.

Only there's one little problem for our road warriors. As they traverse through the burial grounds, Luna almost runs over a large with a body in it. To make matters worse, Cassie's caught standing over the corpse! Now the local police think she's the prime suspect!

With her bestie facing jail time and a coven of witches upset that Halloween week is likely ruined, can Luna help Cassie clear her name? Or will life go to hell-in-a-hand-basket before the dynamic duo get back on the road, making it home in time for Tricks or Treats?

Find out in Book Two!

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