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The Fortune-telling

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Twins Series

Paranormal adventure's bridging the gap between Mystery and Urban Fantasy
Monster-hunting and antiques? What could go wrong? Apparently lots in this humorous and fun series!


Maggie and Ellie Fortune run their father's antique appraisal business with a team of unusual characters, but all is not what it appears. You see, the team really hunt monsters for a living using the appraisal business as a cover. If that wasn't odd enough, Ellie is a ghost! 

Perhaps that would be shocking if it weren't for the fact Maggie is a psychic witch, and the rest of the team are paranormal as well. Vampires, shfters, werewolves...even a demon or two!  Come join the fun - these short novellas are an easy couple of hour read with snarky humor, mystery and a wee bit of spice!

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A Tale of Two Sisters - Book 1 (Fortune-Telling Twins Mysteries 1  )

ISBN: 978-1-7350692-8-9

Handling priceless antiques for a living can make anyone's life a little stressful. Doing appraisals for the paranormal world can make it downright magical! 

Maggie and Ellie Fortune are part of a private organization of monster-hunters that seeks out evil in the places they visit, eradicating the baddies before they can harm the populace at large…while still handling the family business as antique appraisers. The secret group comprised of psychics, witches, vampires, werewolves, and other intriguing paranormal beings are all hell-bent on saving the world from maleficent forces...or at least managing to control the evil from destroying their small corner of it.

When two old ladies turn up to have a lamp checked out, Maggie assumes they want an appraisal. Imagine her surprise when she discovers the duo want her to exorcise the ghost of their dearly departed sister who is purportedly hiding inside the lamp because she refuses to be buried! Where is the body? What is going on? When the team investigate, they do find a body, but it isn't who they expected to find. Can this mystery be solved, and the baddie be brought to justice before the crew have to move on to their next destination or will a recent murder spree never be avenged? Find out in book 1 of the Fortune-Telling Twins Mysteries Novella!


Double Toil and Trouble - Book 2 (Fortune-Telling Twins Mysteries 2 )

ISBN: 978-1-7365176-1-1

Rival covens. A missing item. Two mysterious bottles. And a dark witch with a secret. What can go wrong for psychic Maggie Fortune as she tries to keep the cauldrons from boiling over? 

Maggie and Ellie Fortune are being haunted by their past. Well, haunted by the specter of the man who turned Ellie into a ghost that is. Despite wanting to hunt him down, duty calls and the team sets up in Knoxville for their next antique show and tell. When Nathara starts acting suspicious it leads Maggie on a wild-goose chase of sorts to figure out what the dark witch has brewing in her cauldron of tricks.

The rest of the team is kept busy by a coven of renegade witches who showed up convinced one of the appraisers stole an item each coven insists belongs to them. An ancient wand metaled down and liquified, its contents poured into two decorative bottles. When tempers flare, fight could break out between the rivals covens, which could turn into a battle of epic proportions! Maggie has her hands full juggling her appraisal duties, and trying to solve the mysteries behind the mayhem that ensues.

This doesn't leave much time to find the mysterious caller who left a wolf figurine on the steps of her RV....someone who may or may not have the answers behind Ellie's demise and ghostly conundrum. However it does having her pairing up with a certain male witch who may or may not have a secret Tor a halfbreed vampire or not?
Perhaps Maggie is about to find out! Double the trouble means double the fun!
The Fortune-Telling Twins novella - Book 2


Fire and Earth, Sisters at Birth (Fortune-Telling Twins Mysteries Book 3)

ISBN: 978-1-7365176-3-5

Home is where the heartache is...especially for Maggie and the team when murder comes calling on their doorstep!

Maggie and the crew are on a brief hiatus from being on the road with the antique caravan, and things should be quiet and relaxing. However, Bella seems to be having a crisis, and no one can figure out what's wrong. Especially since the usually bubbly elemental has become subdued and churlish. With Ellie happy to be home and distracted, catching up on news...she doesn't seem to the answers on hw to approach Bella leaving it to her sister, Maggie. Determined to get to the bottom of her friend's woes, Maggie confronts her only to hear a tale of incredible woe that leaves her with even more questions. If that wasn't distracting enough, Antoine seems equally out of sorts, and Maggie is wondering if something dire is going on that neither of her people want to trouble her with. When she is ready to confront them both, the unexpected occurs. A body turns up that happens to be one of their own, leaving the antique troupe shaken and distraught. With tragedy happening so close to home and suspicions that a murder disguised as heart failure might be at play, Maggie needs to amp up her game and solve the possible crime along with the other mysteries surrounding both Bella and Antoine. Will she succeed so the team can move on to their next adventure or will the sudden appearance by someone from Bella's past be the catalyst which causes Maggie to lose two very dear members of her team who she has come to think of as family? The Fortune-Telling Twins, Book 3


Kindred Spirits (Fortune-Telling Twins Mysteries Book 4

ISBN: 978-1-7365176-4-2

A stalker marks Maggie as his own. An admirer winds up dead in her tent. How will the Fortune sister's nab a killer when they are surrounded by hissing demons?

With Georgia on their minds, Maggie and Ellie reunite with cousin Lily Sweet, only its not all antique hunts and fairground fun when a body turns up in Maggie's tent.


The appraisal business just went from money maker to undertaker and Maggie needs to figure out who the baddie is before he strikes again! Especially since Ellie cast a spell on an old boyfriend and he's acting like a jealous ex!


This has disaster written all over it and tempers are flaring--and a certain crossroads demon seems to be stirring the pot.

When Lily Sweet's friends clash with Maggie and Ellie's can a crime be solved? Or will it be an all out war between Pandora and Serena, Sydney and Bella?

Find out...


The Fortune-Telling Twins Book 4


A Djinn and Tonic (Fortune-Telling Twins Mysteries Book 5

ISBN: 978-1-7365176-6-6

A drunken genie. A murder spree. And a budding romance between a witch and her vampire. What more could happen?

What could be worse than releasing an ancient genie on an unsuspecting populace? How about releasing one with an alcohol problem and a roving eye! Bella inadvertently opens the door to trouble when she gave an old lamp picked up at the last stop to Nathara, who rubbed it not realizing what she was doing. Now the Mystic Antiques and Uniques Caravan has someone going through their drawers and causing all kinds of mischief...and he comes complete with a sob story that has the paranormal team of monsters-hunters trying to figure out just what to do.
Half of the team thinks he's evil and might be behind a recent murder spree in Isle of Palms, South Carolina where they've set up shop. While the other half think he's a mostly harmless soul that needs to go to paranormal AA meetings to get his life back on track. 

What will Maggie do when two people wind up dead who were both part of a secret society called Charleston Aware, and did the genie do them in? Anyone in there right mind would suspect the genie, but what if he is as innocent as he professes and someone see is a cold-blooded killer?

Maggie is determined to get to the bottom of this and return order from the chaos that is their life...and do it before another body shows up! Not to mention the fact that she's juggling genie duty with men trouble when she confronts her recalcitrant vampire about his petty attitude as of late. Tempers flare, and you know what they say about love and hate, right? That fine line makes for some interesting moments! Will Maggie gain control, or is all hope lost?

The Fortune-Telling Twins Book 5


A Werewolf in Sheep's Clothing (Fortune-Telling Twins Mysteries Book 6

ISBN: 978-1-7365176-9-7

Halloween has arrived and something is creeping around the antique show in Round Top, Texas...and it's leaving dead things behind!

The crew is in Texas staying on Johnny's family property and looking forward to two weeks of antique appraising, buying and selling and their own personal treasure hunt--getting their hands on a late 1800s ouija board with a hidden compartment, and Maggie has the key to open it!

Their plans take a left turn when something evil comes calling and leaves a calling card that has hackles raised and blood on the hands of one of Maggie's friends. Can they figure out what evil is stalking the fairgoers and put a stop to it? Or will more victims fall until there is no other choice but to set a trap that could mean the end of a friendship.

The Fortune-Telling Twins Book 6


A Pocketful of Pixies (Fortune-Telling Twins Mysteries Book 7)

ISBN: 979-8-9850697-2-3

The Big Easy beckons and the lure of a treasure hunt has the crew of monster-hunter's on high alert looking for clues and hoping for answers!

New Orleans is calling and a treasure hunt to end all treasure hunts will be on the agenda. Knowing the map they hold could bring the answers they seek - one that might transform Ellie returning her to the land of the living and ending her imprisonment as a shade, has the gang of paranormal monster-hunters chomping at the bit to hone their skills.

Just as the fun begins, a series of unfortunate hijinks has the group wondering if a curse has been let loose causing the locals to turn on them and bring chaos to an already wild town. The French Quarter seems to be hopping with hexes and bogged down with a bevy of bodies...some of them don't seem to realize they're dead! All points lead to a group of rampaging pixies as the culprits, but the usually mischievous imps couldn't possibly be on a murder rampage...could they?

Will Maggie and her team find out where the cryptic map is leading to, or will they run into one obstacle after another in the form of marauding pixies...with the chase ending in frustration, and worse, a dead end trail? This could mean there is nothing to stop Ellie from fading into ether!

The Fortune-Telling Twins Book 7

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