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A Hire the Vampire Mystery: Paranormal Women's Fiction 




A bit of snark, a lot of humor, and oh so spicy!

It's not your momma's cozy - it's all grown up!


Hot Spice.jpg

Hire the Vampire
In Order:

BOOK 1     -    Well, That Bites 

BOOK 2     -    Til Death Do Us Part

BOOK 3     -    The Fang Game


Don't tell Lexi how to live her life! Especially if you suck blood for a living!


Lexi Harlow refuses to acknowledge the big 5-0 is approaching. Ending a bad long-term relationship means she's desperate to make ends meet and decides to take on a life of crime - operating one tick on the wrong side of the law as a cat burglar. When her zany estranged aunt catches her heading into a neighbors home after a particularly abysmal job, she informs Lexi of the deep dark secret that is her heritage - she's a psychic vampire! I know...what's that? To make matters worse, she's being shadowed by a real life vampire--of the blood-sucking variety! The last thing Lexi needs is a hot dude with sharp teeth in her life. What's a girl (even a middle aged one) to do?

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