Welcome to Sweet Briar, Georgia, and the world of Lily Sweet. A reluctant dark witch with a black jelly bean habit. Lily didn't find out she was magical until she went on a journey of discovery - partly due to her mother's dying wish. A note, old photos, and a mysterious key take her from the familiar Catskill Mountains of New York State to the marvelously magical town of Sweet Briar Georgia - where she finds out she is not only a witch...but comes from an enormous witch family who was anticipating her return!


As she learns what it means to be a part of the Dolce and Croy family, plenty of magic shenanigans and a mystery or two to solve, keeps Lily on her toes - especially as her magic is a topsy-turvy mess of misfires!  Casting spells, juggling official witch duties, sparring with her impish great-grandmother, and outsmarting her enchanted cat all while getting to know her new friends and relatives in her delightful village in the North Georgia mountains has Lily quickly realizing that sometimes a little wicked CAN make everything good!

I mined these enchanting characters for this series from the very many interesting, wonderful (and some not so wonderful) people I have met in the real world throughout my life. I just tweak them, bend them, and use my vivid imagination to come up with unique souls to fill my stories with, the result is nothing short of hilarious. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  - Bettina

Lily Sweet Mysteries

In Order According to Timeline:

BOOK 1     -    Home Sweet Witch 

BOOK 2     -    Witch Way Is Up?  

BOOK 2.5   -    How To Train Your Witch 

BOOK 3     -    Sweet Home Liliana 

BOOK 4     -    Witch Way Did He Go?

BOOK 5     -    Revenge is Sweet, Witch

BOOK 6     -    Witch and Peace

BOOK 7     -    The Sweet Spell of Success

BOOK 8     -    I Spell Trouble  (COMING AUG 18,2021)

BOOK 9     -   Sweet Briar Witch (COMING SOON)

A bit of snark, a lot of humor, plenty of magic and mayhem in the tradition of a cozy mystery...but all grown up, with a nod towards urban fantasy. 

Paranormal mysteries get my cauldron boiling!

Home Sweet Witch



Lily's past is about to come back and haunt her... 

Enter Lily Sweet. A girl from New York State who discovers a mystery unfolding around her when a letter from her deceased mother shatters everything she has ever believed about herself. Heading to Sweet Briar, Georgia, Lily discovers the place she was born, that not only is she from a very large Scot-Irish and Italian family...but they are all witches. She is, in fact, a witch herself. A dark one. 

As she humorously wanders her way through discovering her new reality. She manages to find a skeleton, a body, some great looking men and a bevy of whacky relatives to keep her company and aid her in solving a mystery and catching the bad guys! Book one of the Lily Sweet Mysteries is here for you to enjoy...with many more in the series to follow! A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery Book 1

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Witch Way Is Up?


Being the new dark witch in town isn't what it's cracked up to be...

or so Lily Sweet finds out in the second book of the Lily Sweet Mysteries. A public disagreement has townsfolk looking at Lily as a suspect in the murder of one of Sweet Briar's citizens. Can Lily clear her name and use her newfound magic to find out who the real culprit is?

Lily is settling into her new life in Sweet Briar, Georgia, fixing up her art studio and trying to stay out of trouble. But it looks like trouble finds her anyway in the form of one irate librarian named Edith Plank. When Lily's great-grandmother passively antagonizes Edith over her draconian rules at the village library, and her bully tactics over her hapless assistant Martha, Lily inadvertently gets drawn into the hullaballoo.


Things go from bad to worse when Edith winds up dead under the very aged wood boards Lily chose to build shelving in her new studio. Needing to clear her name and Martha's, Lily goes on another sleuthing mission with her cousin Andrea and other members of her family and friends. Throw in mysterious happenings at the local watering hole where generations of Sweet Briar residents would cool off in the hot summer months and the appearance of an enigmatic feline, and Lily has her hands full trying to solve another mystery and keep her cool as her dark witch abilities seem to be getting her deeper and deeper in the very trouble she has been trying to avoid. A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery Book 2

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How To Train Your Witch

Peace on Earth...good will to all...except Lily Sweet.

Did you ever dream of skipping school? Maybe you were one of the brave rebels who did and managed to get away with it. Not Lily Sweet. She is trying her best to learn all things witchy from her new instructors, but is quickly finding out getting an education in Sweet Briar, Georgia is not all it's cracked up to be!


Throw in a mystery involving enigmatic notes popping up all over town, making the townsfolk go on a chaotic scavenger hunt - and you have all the makings of another hilarious peek into Lily's magical and wacky world. Lily might start out a novice witch, but by the time this tale is done, she will be the witch she was always meant to be, or burn down the town trying! A Lily Sweet Short. Part of the Lily Sweet World; A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery Book 2 . 5

Sweet Home Liliana


Renovating this old house can be magical—or it can be murder...
...for Sweet Briar, Georgia's newest dark witch, Lily Sweet. If Lily thought fixing up her family home was going to be as simple as waving her wand, she was sorely mistaken. Living in a renovation zone notwithstanding, Lily's cat, Wicked, started acting bizarre the first week in, the ghost of a woman began haunting the upstairs landing, and word of her father Charlie and Aunt Adelaide's whereabouts rocked her family to their very foundation.

As if that wasn't enough to make a stressful situation worse, Lily finds out her mother's Scottish relations are coming to visit at the request of the Witch Council...leaving precious little time to deal with renovation woes. When one of the construction workers winds up dead on the job, all fingers point to Lily or her loveable contractor as the prime suspects. Lily once again finds herself donning her witches' hat and dusting off her sleuthing skills, trying to solve another mystery before her centuries-old house crumbles to dust around her! A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery Book 3

Witch Way Did He Go?


Should dark magic be employed to save loved ones from a malicious curse that altered them for decades?

Lily wants to kick some butt. Not willing to stand by while the Witch Council takes their time making decrees that involve the fate of her family, Lily decides to take matters in her own hands...sometimes with disastrous outcomes! Being a new dark witch and dealing with ghosts, crazy relatives and a budding romance while trying to create a counter-spell and save her witchy world has Lily making some tough choices. With the help of her great-grandmother, Adriana, she must find a way to restore Adelaide, save Wicked, and find Charlie before the evil coven from the Northwest can wreak havoc on their lives—taking away everything Lily holds dear. Even if it means accepting the offer of dark magic from an unexpected source. Will Lily take what could be a gift or is it a trick that will have her regretting her decision for the rest of her life?  A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery 4

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Revenge is Sweet, Witch

Double, double toil and trouble...
...what’s worse than one witch on a vendetta? How about two! Lily Sweet is ready for battle and heads are going to roll. She’s looking to settle the score after Adelaide recovers from her ordeal and finally reveals the events which became the catalyst for the family being torn apart.
With Adelaide by her side, it’s time for Lily to bring the fight to the woman whose evil machinations have forever altered the Dolce and Croy families. They may have taken a hit, but now it’s time to put an end to the evil witch and her ruinous campaign...even if it means taking on an army of paranormal aberrations to do so! A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Mysteries, Book 5

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Witch and Peace

Double the dark magic means double the fun...

Lily and Adelaide are in training together. It takes more than magic to get the job done, you have to learn all the move as well. No one wants to take a steak knife to a witch will take magical daggers, enchanted darts and wicked moves for this duo! When you add Granny in the mx, the battle to clean out the witch prison, capture Donna, and get answers goes from dangerous to deadly. Another body popped up making the town go on high alert...and the citizens have to trust in Lily as opposing forces begin make waves... just when Lily needs all the support she can get. Will this magical mess ever go away so she can finally cast the spell which might bring her dad home? It looks like she will find that out...but is it the answer she wants to hear?       The Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Mysteries Book 6

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The Sweet Spell of Success

ISBN: 978-1-7365176-2-8

A battle between a renegade coven and the witches of Sweet Briar...who will come out the victor?
Lily Sweet was already preparing to take on the witch coven who has her father imprisoned, but when some of the town folk wind up missing, the realization that the enemy might be among them has her family and friends going into battle mode.
Trying to fight an enemy who hasn't made her appearance known would be difficult under normal circumstances, but Lily has the crossroads demon, Pandora, on her side who has a score to settle and a few tricks up her sleeve.
Will Lily and her friends prevail, or is the evil Deanna Fredricks too powerful and cunning a foe and it will be the end of Sweet Briar as we know it? Lily isn't going down without a fight to end all fights...and this time she has a secret weapon of her own to evil the playing field. Will it work? Can she bring her father Charlie home? Or will her magic lead her to ruin?

The Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Mysteries Book 7

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I Spell Trouble

ISBN: 978-1-7365176-7-3

All is not well in Sweet Briar...not when Charlie Sweet seems distracted in the best of times and chaotic as his worst.

Will Lily, with the help of her mother, Adelaide, figure out what is causing the emotional roller-coaster that plagues her father, or will he plunge into an abyss of depression—or worse—destruction from which he can no longer return?

If that wasn’t enough on her plate, the mystery surrounding her dear friends, the Carter’s, is coming to a head and a terrible act from the past might destroy the family when secrets come out from an unexpected source—the new deputy in town!

With Lorcan in the center of the controversy, and the sexy lady cop trying her best to sink her claws into him, will Lily finally snap letting loose a barrage of witchy dark magic?
Find out in Book 8 of The Lily Sweet Briar Witch Book 8

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Coming Soon!