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Podcaster, Healer, Author Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson interviewed me on her April 28th show. We discussed my novella, A Tale of Two Sisters and all things woo-woo. 

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Witch and Peace - Release Date

April 16

What an exciting month April is turning out to be! Book 6 in the Lily Sweet Mysteries is almost here. Release date is April 20th...but why wait? You can pre-order it now and have it show up in your Kindle account on the 20th!  I have a feeling there is a big reveal coming and I hope to hear from several of you wonderful readers when you find out what or who is behind Lily's family drama!  I know I'm excited to hear your reactions! I hope you leave reviews for me on Amazon! I need your help!

April 12

Double Toil and Trouble NEWS!

TWO new releases this month. Double Toil and Trouble will be released on April 27th. Maggie and the gang are back on the job and this time two rival witch covens are causing all manner of trouble over a mysterious magical item they are both laying claim to. There's only one problem...the item is missing and one of Maggie's team members might be the culprit. With Nathara acting weird does it mean the fingers of guilt should be pointed in her directions?  Find out on April 27th - pre order now!

Mar 24

Secret Sirens News!

Last night, after I finished writing a chapter in my Lily Sweet series, out popped the prologue to the first book in my upcoming Secret Sirens series!  I guess Tarni VanderZee wants her story told...and NOW!  Keep on the lookout for announcements, since it is apparent I have zero control over when this book will be written.  

Mar 22

Witch and Peace News!

The next installment of the Lily Sweet Mysteries is well under way and should be released in mid-April (if not sooner!).  Things are starting to heat up for our new dark witch, and it looks like a battle will finally happen!  

Mar 11

A Tale of Two Sisters: 

BOOK ONE in my new series!  The Fortune-Tellings Twins Mysteries is completed and release date is Saturday March 20th!

New Series!!! (in the Lily Sweet World)

Jan 19

I am currently working on the first book in a new series in the Lily Sweet World. A Tale of Two Witches looks into the lives of Lily' cousins from North Carolina - Maggie and Ellie Fortune.  Hopefully I will have the first finished and to you by the end of January or early February!

Jan 18

Revenge is Sweet, Witch

NEW RELEASE NEWS!!!! Book 5 in the Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mysteries is available NOW in Amazon Kindle and FREE in KindleUnlimited!!!

Merry Christmas!

Dec 25

Wishing you happiness and health this holiday season!

Dec 1

New Release News!

Not only is Witch Way Did He Go? available now on Amazon, the eBook BOXED SET of books 1 - 4 plus BONUS short, Book 2.5 is there as well! Perfect for binge reading them all!!!

Nov 26

Nov 2

Witch Way Did He Go? is at editing...

...and should be released any day now! New Release announcement coming shortly! Check your email.

Dilligently working on the next book!
I am working hard, trying to get the next in the series completed before Thanksgiving. I know what I will be grateful for this year...YOU! Each and every one of you who have shown me the love and purchased the books and signed up to be part of Team Wicked.  You never realize how something you do, no matter how insignificant or trivial it seems, has an effect on someone's life. Well, I just want to assure you that I have been moved...touched beyond all reason at the love and you are showing me with your support. Thank you! 

Oct 31

Happy Halloween!!!
Sweet Home Liliana is available! I hope you all love it as much I as I do. I think out of all of the stories thus far, this one would have been my mom's I dedcated it to her. Enjoy!

Oct 22

Pre-Order! Sweet Home Liliana is available for pre-oder. Full release on October 31st

The cover should be out any day now and you can go to Amazon and pre-order the book so it shows up in your library on October 31st.

Oct 8

I'm well into writing the next in the Lily Sweet series: Sweet Home Liliana.

Check back for updates and cover art release news!

Sep 29

NEW RELEASE! How to Train Your Witch - A Lily Sweet Short

I'm excited to announce my new Lily Sweet Short is HERE! This is Book 2.5 in the Lily Sweet Mysteries. I will do a short at least two or three times a year...and it keep it all straight, I will always list series order on the series page! Enjoy!

Aug 21

Witch Way Is Up? is HERE!!!

A few days later than  thought...but it's finally here and I am so excited to share Book 2 of the Lily Sweet Mysteries with you!  Go get your copy on Amazon today!

July 19

Witch Way Is Up? is on my editor's desk.
Won't be long now - pre-order soon!

July 27

Pre-orders will be available soon!
Tentative release date of August 18th - the wait is almost over!

May 17

Home Sweet Witch is on Amazon Kindle worldwide!


It's here!  Book 1 in the Lily Sweet Mysteries is ready for your enjoyment. Drop me a line to let me know what you thought of it...and thank you for reading my stories!

May 14

Formatting is done!


Days away from release! My formatter Michelle has worked her magic and my book is ready to go!

May 12

The final cover is finished and it looks amazing!


Daniela of StunningBookCovers has just wrapped up my cover for Home Sweet Witch. I am so excited and can't wait to share it with you!

May 5

My book, Home Sweet Witch is finished and heading to my editor!


My wonderful editor Jessica has just received my's getting close!

April 24

I just finished writing Home Sweet Witch!

I will do some basic edits, check my plot, then get it over to my editor...but wow! It's finished!!!

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