Cuban Cracker

Carl Driggs, lead singer of KRACKER - the first band signed by Rolling Stones Record Label and opening act for The Stones on their 1973 European Tour has written his life story in true rock & roll fashion.

Following his career, after his early days growing up in Cuba, emigrating to the United States and his early attempts at forming a band. Carl hit with KRACKER, then moved on to Foxy with their hit song "Get Off" in 1978 until he became the lead singer for Paul Revere & The Raiders for the next twenty-plus years.  This book is a must-read for anyone who loves Rock & Roll.

I had the privilege of helping legendary entertainer Carl Driggs with his autobiography when he was introduced to me by my dear friend Krista, who is the daughter he gave up for adoption and after they reconnected a few years ago. 

Together, Carl and I finished his musings as  I cajoled and teased him until he opened up and added more anecdotes to an already mostly finished project.

After his untimely death by a massive heart attack in 2017, I took up the ropes and finished this book with the notes he left me and the many emails we had exchanged. I even wrote the last chapter to bring his amazing life story to completion.

I think any fan of classic rock from the '60s, '70s, and early '80s will love this tale. Heck, any fan of Rock & Roll will enjoy Carl's words. Go get yourself a copy!

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