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After a much needed break, three books are about to hit!

Lily Sweet returns with the 11th in the series heading your way this spring. I've been on a much needed hiatus with my focus on helping my husband, Larry, deal with the onset of some pretty nasty health issues.

In and amongst caring for him, we had my daughter debuting her music career, a wedding for my middle, son, and an engagement for my eldest son...and now we've discovered we're about to be grandparents!

It's been a ride.

The good news is all the while I have been writing away when I could escape for some me time, and Sweet Child 'o Crime was born! Following closely on the heels of this next installment will be the 12th and FINAL Lily Sweet. But don't worry, Lily isn't gong away, a new series with the fiesta wayward witch will continue with the complete cast of characters on a new adventure! Keep checking back for announcements on when the pre-order will open so you can reserve your copy. An finally, as promised, Siren Fall will also be completed right about summer 2023. A bit late, but well worth the wait. Until next time, happy reading and thank you for hanging n there with me.

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