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And then there were 10

When you reach a milestone, your should celebrate. Pause to look back and reminisce over the path you took to reach your achievement. I've reach such a milestone and can't believe I'm about to share it with you, my readers.

Spells Like A Witch - The Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Mysteries BOOK 10

TEN books into this series I've cried, sweat, laughed and worked by butt over...eleven books if you count BOOK 2.5, the short (and you should)!

When I began this journey a few years ago (May 2019 to be exact), I hardly dreamed I'd be celebrating the 10th in one series...and have three others as well.

Lily Sweet is an incredibly fun series for me to write. I look forward to sitting down, opening Word, and waiting for my characters to start telling me what's been going on in their world. BOOK 10 sure has lots of beloved characters lining up to have their voices heard!

The humor is stellar, the storyline ties up a few loose ends that you might have wondered about. And there are a few surprises in store for you.

Available on Amazon. FREE on KindleUnlimited. Paperback is discounted to $9.99 to commemorate this being BOOK 10. GET IT HERE-->

I can't wait for your feedback on this one...arriving in THREE DAYS, on Tuesday, September 20th, just in time for my Mom's 82nd Birthday. I hope, wherever she is, she can look down and cheer me on! This one's goes out to her!

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