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Launch day! New Release and a new series!

When a book goes live and becomes available for sale, many of you might think I can sit back and relax and watch the sales while sipping my favorite beverage.

Not so! An Indie Author does it all. On launch day, my work has just begun - advertising, social media, create engaging video ads, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. Check my sales rankings. Create ads to bring old readers in the loop and attract new readers who are eager to gobble up all my words.

My characters never take a break, either. If anything they become more insistent that I open a new blank page and continue their story!

Right now, as I am typing this note, I can hear the seductive whisper as they call me, drawing me in, and having me lose sleep all in the name of getting the next in the series into your eager hands!

So, without further ado - tada! It's March 20th...go get yourself a copy of A Tale of Two Sisters. Get to know Lily Sweet's cousins. And experience the secret world of monster-hunting, where eradicating evil is the name of the game!

Look for the next installment of Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery Book 6 - Witch and Peace, coming some time in mid-April. I hope you enjoy my books as much as I do writing them!

And please leave me a review once you finish - we indies NEED each and every one! And I appreciate the love more than you know! Thanks...

Until next time!

Happy reading!!! - Bettina

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