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New Release Day!

An unexpected ice storm. A murder. A kidnapped loved one. Bringing the battle to her nemesis is the only answer. Will Lily Sweet survive?

The satisfaction of another story out and feedback from you wonderful readers keeps me going. I've been busy with my Fortune-Telling Twins mysteries. Have started outlining my Secret Sirens series, and now I am dabbling with a new platform Kindle will be releasing to the public shortly. Kindle Vella. I wrote a short episodes and plan on continuing a series of these shorts weekly as soon as it switches from beta to live. Drop me a line when you get to the end of this installment...I know many of you are going to be reacting with a few, "Whoa! Now what?" And I can't wait to hear from you! Until next time...thanks again for being there for me and the biggest reason I keep writing. - Bettina

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