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Tarni arrived and Logan wants her!

Siren Rise...Book ONE in my new Secret Sirens series is finally here! I am beyond excited and have been biting my nails all day while I do my various book launch duties. I really hope you enjoy this tale and take the time to let me know. Drop me an email....I'd love to hear from you!

Logan and Tarni have one heck of a story to tell you: A mystical heritage. Two people brought together by a reckless disregard for the rules. Will a destructive darkness and too many secrets rip love from their hearts? If you like powerful magic, strong heroines, and brooding heroes, then you’ll adore this plunge into sensual danger.

Will their souls sing in harmony for eternity, or will they explode in a blaze of fleeting glory?

Ack! So much steamy romance!!! I'm already writing the next in the series!!! Enjoy! - Bettina

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