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What I’m reading now

When I am not writing, I am reading other authors to rest my me, it works. I have found myself re-reading one of my favorite authors of all time: Terry Goodkind.

I discovered Terry via my husband. We are both voracious readers, and his interests run the gamut from fantasy and sci-fi to urban fantasy and history. He kept telling me about the Sword of Truth series and how much he was sure I would love the stories.

“ book one, "Wizard's First Rule" I am telling you, this is right up your alley and you will get lost in this tale. It's one of the best fantasy books I have ever read.”

And boy...was he correct. I was hooked two chapters in to the first book and went through the series like a mad woman junkie waiting for her next fix. I started reading them in the early 2000's, but still had to wait for the next in the series, since I plowed through them like a Sherman Tank!


Book twelve in the series came out in 2011...and I rushed out to buy the hardcover edition.

I am now happily re-reading the series and am revisiting book four...with book five at the ready. Do yourself a favor and look up these titles and this amazing author if you haven't already discovered him! You will thank me!

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