Tarni Vanderzee has her own intriguing and poignant tale to tell.  Won't you join her on the her journey to the past?




ISBN: 978-1-7365176-8-0

Refusing conformity. Embracing the unknown. Accepting what life throws her way over an oppressive past can bring Tarni ultimate joy...or total destruction!

Two people thrown together in a world where the rules need to be broken in a time when such notions could get them both in trouble--the kind of trouble that leads to danger...and more, death. Can they survive in the world they've created? Both playing a game with rules that keep changing. Both with an agenda that could change everything in their lives. Or will the evil lying in wait around every turn finally take them down a road where there is no hope for survival?

A siren...

Mysterious creatures hidden from the world of humans. A lifespan longer than any known paranormal on Earth, these beings live among humans in a world of their own making. With a shortage of males, the women have become subject to breeding programs in the hopes of bolstering the male species all the while undergoing the horrid practice of vocal aphonia-cutting and scarring the vocal cords with a magical knife lest a siren use her enchanting voice to tempt humans to do her bidding, or worse; rule their world.

Tarni Vanderzee is a young siren who refuses to conform. A half-breed: her mother escaped for a time living among witch relatives with Tarni and younger sister, Kimberly in tow. But the way of the merrow finally caught up to them with disastrous results. When Tarni's mother was put to death and Kimberly suffered the cutting of her vocal cords, Tarni decided to take charge of her fate, running away from home in Florida, winding her way across the country until she arrives in Los Angeles and finding herself falling for a rock star in the making. With her own ambitions of fame, fortune and power her driving force, can young Tarni make a name for herself in a world vastly different from the one she left behind? Will falling for a man who lives by his own rules in decadence and extravagance change the young siren in ways that will harm her chance at freedom? Or will his love take her to heights she could only dream about but not believe possible?


Up-and-coming rock star whose recent success is leading him on a rollercoaster ride to ultra-stardom far beyond his wildest dreams, Logan MacDuff gets blindsided by the enchanting Tarni. In a sea of women, she stands out from the rest causing him to veer from his pursuit of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll...will she be his destiny? Or will the young siren be his ruin?

Secret Sirens, Book One

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